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Re: pistol energy gun

by AeLyXr

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pistol energy gun

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Re: pistol energy gun

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Something like the Havoc with both single fire hit scan and rapid fire or only single fire?


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Re: pistol energy gun

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I was actually thinking about this!!!! I got a base/general idea


Name - Lightbringer (LMAO game of thrones reference) or Bolt or Stormfury or Electron or electrode or unsure lol


Damage - 10-15 (depending on what attachments are possible)


Fire rate - Really high maybe 1000?


Base ammo - 15-20 or even 30 if extended mag is not an option


Reload time - closer to 1 ms


Iron sight - similar to wingman or re-45


Ammo type - energy


---Attachment options


1. Extended mag 20/25/30

2. barrel stabilizer unless it comes out highly accurate 

3. attachable sight

4. Skullpiercer (HS multiplier of upto 2x)


Lets actually make this!!!!! I would love to see this. 


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Re: pistol energy gun

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i think it doesnt matter. rapid fire might be a good nature for it or something like laser shot also would fill it. So maybe you can make it attachable with select-fire attachment.
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