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Re: Why nerf spitfire?

by MekaDeth555

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Why nerf spitfire?

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Instead you should have buffed other heavy ammo guns except Wingman. Spitfire was never OP, it was good. Now it's peashooter with insane spread.

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Weak spedfier to weak now

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the spitfire is is to weak now to weak.. The damage need a boost . but i belive the ammo is okay for now


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Re: Why nerf spitfire?

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The ammo nerf was justified imo, I've been able to melt entire squads without stopping to reload, it's still possible but at least now players will be a bit more conscious when blindly spamming bullets
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Re: Why nerf spitfire?

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The gun is inaccurate now also.

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Re: Why nerf spitfire?

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@BoaFang7 wrote:

The gun is inaccurate now also.

I've always found the gun to be inaccurate unless the enemy is in my face. I'm glad they nerfed it so now I can use my Hemlock instead without feeling like I'm giving up damage.

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