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Re: Weapons damage have to be looked at again.

by KarnCrusader

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Weapons damage have to be looked at again.

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Let's look at damage sheet:

Mozambique - 45 body, 66 headshot (this one really need to use skullpiercer choke)
RE-45 - 11 body, 16 headshot
P2020 - 12 body, 18 headshot
Wingman - 45 body, 90 headshot (+ skullpiercer multiplier which makes it so insane)

Eva-8 - 63 body, 90 headshot
Peacekeeper - 110 body, 165 headshot (Insane values + choke making it mid range sniping tool)
Mastiff - 144 body, 288 headshot

R-99 - 12 body, 18 headshot
Alternator - 13 body, 19 headshot
Prowler - 14 body, 21 headshot

R-301 - 14 body, 18 headshot
Hemlock - 18 body, 24 headshot
Flatline - 16 body, 32 headshot

Spitfire - 20 body, 40 headshot
Devotion - 17 body, 32 headshot

G7 Scout - 30 body, 60 headshot
Tripletake - 69 body, 138 headshot (+Precision Choke, making triple barrel shot singular multiplying dmg)
Longbow - 55 body, 110 headshot (+Skullpiercer choke multiplier)
Kraber - 120 body, 250 headshot


Currently there is conviction that both Wingman and Peacekeeper are OP and need to be nerfed - and in fact that is partially truth.
But why are they so strong in comparison to others? Well, damage sheet clearly show that they outdamage any other weapon in the game per shot.

I think the way to move forward is re-adjusting ammo type weapons values to speed up TTK overall, excluding the guns already performing well.
Having Light Ammo at ~18-22 & Heavy Ammo ~21-27 and 19-25 for Energy Ammo all around the board would fix the meta problem.

Fixing each weapon seperately is just not efficient and if Dev's will try to the next OP one will appear that will be outperforming others by a mile.
This change I belive will give more spotlight to other weapons and even the ones like P2020 will be used more.
More variety of weapon choice and less battles of boosting/healing in favour of battle of skill is a way to move forward in my opinon.


PS: Mozambique still needs damage boost like 66 body 110 headshot and a skullpiercer hop-up mod to be remotely usefull.

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Re: Weapons damage have to be looked at again.

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See i have a different issue with weapon damage, on charts it says one thing, you bring the weapons into the training room they do the paper damage, but in game, they NEVER do. Use the mastiff in a in-game firefight and watch it do 150 damage. It never ONCE has for me, point blank body shot? nah dont matter, 64 damage boiiii 55 damage boooiii It needs fixed badly I extremely dislike grabbing all these guns then they do only a fraction of the damage they are suppose to do. it needs fixed so that when you hit, it does the correct amount of damage every time. Sick of being cheated in-game by this issue.

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