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Re: Throwables / Heirlooms

by PA94303

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Throwables / Heirlooms

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Who would agree that perhaps maybe throwable items should stack in at least 3s? 2s is too little and 4 kinda seems to much. 3 would be decent imo. 


I would also also like to see more heirlooms. Perhaps one per Legend and that’s it.  Itd be awesome especially since they are extremely extremely rare items. There something cool to hope for. Bragging rights, whatever. Wraith can’t be the only one with items from the 5th hidden tier. 


Mines or darts that u can place on floors or walls that detect enemies passing by and therefore explode on movement.


shotguns should hold a little more per stack. I understand 64 was a lot but at least 25 per stack. 16 is too little.


*(Edit: Added The Following Suggestions.)*


Don’t add no damn vehicles please! I feel that would ruin the game, it’s already more fast paced than Fortnite which is dope.


A double akimbo hop up for the Mozambique and p2020 would be dope!! Some guns have two possible hop ups that can be attached so why not allow these to do that as well. I’d say include RE45 but that’d be completely OP so I’d stick w the p2020 and Mozambique for that hop up.


Keep switching the gold guns out, that’s awesome. But perhaps add a new gun at a random point every season? Or like they did with the hop ups, every season add 2 or 3 new things whether they be guns, throwable or hop ups.


I noticed lootings a bit better meaning I’m finding more valuable items but I still sometimes run through 3 building or more and find no gun and that’s annoying. See if they can adjust that a tad bit. Many Complain about it.


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Re: Throwables / Heirlooms

Community Manager

Thank you for the weapons feedback! We've seen some chatter around double pistols in this post if you wanted to join in. Thumbs up


Hey that was a great reply. Good stuff. What now? Give them +XP to help level them up!
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Re: Throwables / Heirlooms

★ Guide
@PA94303 Yeah that is a NO, I've had people toss 6 arc stars at me and I couldnt get away for the life of me. allowing people to stack 3s would be * annoying and stupid.
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Re: Throwables / Heirlooms

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@Subtle_Tactics It’s not stupid just a bad idea in your opinion. Thanks for your feedback though.
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Re: Throwables / Heirlooms

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@PA94303 It would be stupid for the devs to stack nades to 3, 2 is fine. 3 would make it annoying especially how spammy nades are right now, it'd make it even more spammy.
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Re: Throwables / Heirlooms

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@Subtle_Tactics I didn’t disagree I was just saying my idea wasn’t stupid but that it was fine you disagreed w the idea
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Re: Throwables / Heirlooms

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I don't think nades are really that spammy now. They are pretty easy to avoid. They Are only good for clearing out a very small one room building. Thats about the only purpose they serve now and with wattson ult they can't even do that anymore. I think grenades need to be worked on a lot. I think they need a shorter fuse or a larger blast radius. I don't think they would need stacks of 3 if grenades were actually decent. The way they are now you can literally outrun all of them without taking any damage. So it makes a well placed grenade feel pointless. I also think they should get rid of the trajectory line too. That takes away from the skill of tossing a well placed grenade. 

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