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The gold knockdown shield

by daddyof377

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The gold knockdown shield

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If there is going to be a self revive on the gold knockdown shield it should work instantly it takes to much time to use. 

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Re: The gold knockdown shield

@daddyof377 I also think having it display a gold shield when you put it up is pointless. Because now they will instantly go after the person with the gold shield showing, it should show purple. At least give us a chance to spend 5 seconds reviving ourselves lol
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Re: The gold knockdown shield

Revive takes 8 seconds but personally I think it needs to be reduced to at least 6 seconds. 

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Re: The gold knockdown shield

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★★★ Pro

The gold knockdown is really good. You can literally save your entire team with it.

1. Making the revive instant. 
No, even regular reviving takes time. Also that would be op. 
2. Showing purple shield.

Yeah, it is kind of unfortunate when you have to show your gold knockdown shield and they thirst you, but it would be a bit too powerful if it didn’t. As it is, if you get downed first, you can just get in a corner and revive.

3. Faster time

It should take longer than normal, as it’s just your character, instead of a teammate helping you. Also, it has to have again, a lot more disadvantages to be balanced.

On the other hand, I think Lifeline should have a slight speed bonus when self-reviving, as well as a few other characters, like maybe revenant. (Because he’s a robot? I don’t know.) It would kind of make Lifeline more powerful, as their squad could be completely knocked, but lifeline gets up and gets everyone else up faster.

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