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Re: The Sentinel Sucks and makes no sense

by Garlannnd

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The Sentinel Sucks and makes no sense

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For a bolt action sniper it is damn disappointing 


It is by far the worst sniper in the game, literally every other sniper is better, just look at their weapon stats.


You would think that a gun with such a low fire rate would do high damage but the Sentinel its a JOKE, it doesnt even do more damage than the Triple Take, even if you WASTE a shield battery to charge it will still take 3 shot to kill someone, at that point why even bother chosing the Sentinel over the Triple Yake or the Longbow.


Triple Take makes the Sentinel look like a joke, it does more damage at every range compared to the sentinel, even at longer ranges the time it takes the Triple take to fully choke its about the same it takes the sentinel to be able to fire the next bullet, ALL OF THIS while doing less body and headshot damage.


The Longbow also make the sentinel pointless, not only does it has more than double of fire rate but the body and headshot damage are practically the same.


The Sentinel is a disappointing piece of trash, there’s literally no point in WASTING a shield battery if its going to do the same Headshot damage wether if its charge or not,  at that point why even bother using a shield battery at all it offers is being in disadvantage.


Why would you waste a shield battery to charge the sentinel that only does 100 on body shots while you can just keep your shield battery and do 130 with headshots? 



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Re: The Sentinel Sucks and makes no sense

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Needs to have its damage buffed to 70-75, and have it charge up with a shield cell instead of battery, but only giving you one or two charged shots. Charged shots should also deal increased headshot damage, since right now, doing a headshot with a charged shot does exactly the same damage as a headshot without a charged shot. Give it a 2.33x multiplier if buffed to 75 damage, or 2.5x if buffed to 70. Basically, both of those would end up dealing 175 headshot damage. When you have to spend 5 seconds charging it first, and helmets exist, I highly doubt it'd be OP.

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Re: The Sentinel Sucks and makes no sense

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I think the sentinel definitely needs a buff. The gun is hella fun to use and find myself picking it up a lot just because of that, knowing full well it’s a weak gun. I definitely agree with the above post in that it should take maybe 2 shield cells to fully charge and to buff the damage to 75, this would see the gun be useful and to give the gun what it deserves. 360 NO SCOPES R HERE BOIS

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