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The Devotion

by WoahItsTea

Original Post

The Devotion

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I think the devotion needs to be nerfed. It's a gun that's too easy to use with a low risk high reward feeling at close range. It feels too easy for me to switch to it at close range and fully punish someone due to its extremely high fire rate. I think the spin up time for it should be increased or change the gun to work similar to the Havoc where there's a delay before it starts to fire. With hardly any bullet drop off the gun also feels quite unfair to both use and play against at medium range.

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Re: The Devotion

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★★ Apprentice

Devotion? the energy weapon that is one of the least used weapon past 3 minutes?


I thought you were talking about R99.

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Re: The Devotion

★★★ Guide
Yeah its really good.
Its a favirite of mine.
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Re: The Devotion

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@Mxiter Pick it up some time - it's extremely powerful. Low pick rate can be chalked up to a few things: Energy Ammo isn't as common, more players prefer Light ammo weapons, drop rate for LMG's is lower than other guns. 


Also my post is literally just called "The Devotion". Never mentioned the R-99. I think the R-99 is fine, balance wise.

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Re: The Devotion

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@WoahItsTea Since it's so good, maybe someone can give me some tips on how to use the Devotion.

I think I'm decent at the game, but I cannot kill anyone with that weapon to save my life. At the moment, I would rank it as my least favorite weapon in the game. I love all the other LMGs, especially the Spitfire.
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Re: The Devotion

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Devotion (without turbo) is mostly good if people are caught mid close range in the open with zero cover.

But decent players rarely do that.


And muzzle flash makes ads impratical.


Or maybe you're playing on console where mobility is quite limited?

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Re: The Devotion

Community Manager

Do you all feel the devotion is best with hip fire? Still having some trouble with controlling the recoil, tips anyone? Standard smile

I just came out of a game at lunch using the Havoc and it's so amazing when you are sliding towards an enemy within 15 feet. Personally, I'd say the Havoc is the stronger choice of the energy weapons.


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Re: The Devotion

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@EA_BlueberryIt is better with hip fire imo not because of recoil but because it still takes time to charge up even with a turbo attached; so firing from the hip at close range removes some of the time it takes for you to aim all the way before firing.

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