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Re: Still no Kunai

by LYBB_Schmidtty

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Still no Kunai

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Wraith main since the start. Dropped $300+ resulting in ~400+ Packs with the lvl 1-100 Packs and Season one bp at 50 and Season 2 Maxed out. I still have no kunai. Idk how many I'm at but this is insane that I have spent so much money and time (700hrs) and still no kunai. Since the launch of the solo event this scares me even more knowing that I will now have a 50/50 chance of either bloodhounds or wraiths heirloom. Any possible way I can get told how much more I have to drop on this money hungry game?

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Re: Still no Kunai

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Not to be that guy but it’s what ever you have left to receive in your inventory divided by 3 multiplied by the cost of packs. 


Your answer is between 0 and i/3*$

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Re: Still no Kunai

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What do you mean on your 500th pack it's guaranteed 

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Re: Still no Kunai

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@Celestial-Lexy Yes, that is correct. If you have not got it in a earlier pack (1-499) on the 500th it will. 500 is the maximum amount you have to open to get it.
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Re: Still no Kunai

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@Werawulfaz  ahhh so that's how it works...i was under the impression you had to open exactly 500.



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Re: Still no Kunai

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Have you gotten it? In same exact situation as you but had season 1 bp maxed

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Re: Still no Kunai

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@Celestial-Lexy I don't want to crush any dreams but did you start doing that during the "special" event they had?

If so, any packs opened during that period I believe did not count towards either heirloom set, and the counter to 500 would continue where you left off BEFORE said event.
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