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Re: So tired of random shotgun damage...

by KarnCrusader

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So tired of random shotgun damage...

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I don't know if it's just me, or if this is a global issue, but every shotgun in this game acts like a slot machine: pull the trigger, maybe you win, maybe you lose. I've had games were I can mow down squad after squad with one, then get owned by someone a few minutes later because I unload an entire magazine into thier chest and not even break their shield... Why are shotguns so random? I clearly see the reticle light up and have the full shot into someone's chest, so why does it completely destroy someone one second, then only do 7 damage a few seconds later???

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Re: So tired of random shotgun damage...

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I can't stand the peacekeeper, I now call it the * taker. I have shot people in the face with it at point blank for only 10 damage sometimes, other times it has won me the game by killing the last player in two shots. I think this may be related to the horrible netcode in this game. If one shot doesn't register with other guns, it's not the end of the world, unlike the peacekeeper.

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Re: So tired of random shotgun damage...

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Yeah I think its bull. I clip someone with a peacekeeper I do 70 damage but then they are in my face and I NAIL them with the next shot, I do 8 damage.......k...... Needless to say i've stopped using them. No point in using a gun thats undependable. you can land your whole mag into someone head and get such varied results on damage its insane.Hit the whole mag in their head you'll do 17 damage. Barely clip their foot from half a mile away you'll one shot them.

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