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Re: Snipers need reworked, or a buff.

by MekaDeth555

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Snipers need reworked, or a buff.

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Snipers in this game are trash. The G7 scout is the only decent one but tis damage is so low its not very good. the Longbow and Kraber are trash, good for one hit only. After you take that first shot everyone runs around like a chicken with their head cut off. Aim has nothing to do with it, the bullet drop off and how slow the bullets are make it almost impossible to hit anyone unless they are a * and stand still for you. Most players grab guns and run around really fast trying to quickly flank their targets and kill them. Which is fine that's how the game is designed. But it makes the snipers almost pointless and pretty much throwing to try and use. Snipers either need to shoot WAY fast so they all shoot like the G7 Scout, or they need to have pretty much a radius they hit rather then pinpoint accuracy. Lets be real, there's a reason no one uses them. I've tried many MANY times. G7 scout is good though damage could be higher. the longbow and Kraber, don't even bother. games not designed for them. Once you make that first shot they are worthless.Specially the Kraber dear LORD can we say trash. You make a shot, Hold on a second! gotta bullet action my next shot! cause thats how a .50 cal works! (forehead) by the time your ready for your next shot, they are either gone, or in your face. Long bow is a LITTLE better but not really. 

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Re: Snipers need reworked, or a buff.

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I disagree and so do many others

Maybe you just need to practice more.

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