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by xAimHigher

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Why is the sentinel only doing 70 dmg? I'm not even going to pick it up anymore. A bolt action rifle should be sniping people in one shot. I might as well use a triple take or longbow. Hell anything is better than the sentinel. Please do something about this in the next update. The gun is worthless. 

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Re: Sentinel

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@xAimHigherTwo shots equals 140 damage which is pretty high.
Also if you land a headshot it deals a massive 140 damage without helmet. I dont understand why it drops to 89 when you land a headshot to a purple helmet fortified legend though, that seems a bit low imo.

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Re: Sentinel

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@xAimHigher The gun should not one-shot. You can use a different sniper if you want, but a casual gun shouldn’t be one shotting. (At least with shields.)
The gun is actually in a pretty good place.
The 70 damage was actually a recent buff, from 65.
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