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Season 1 Lvl 86 Legendary Apex Pack

by Bamboozleur

Original Post

Season 1 Lvl 86 Legendary Apex Pack

★★★★ Novice

Thats all we are waiting for. 


What did i got?? 




Thats a freakin JOKE !!!  High Lvl Rage, i cant give any more feedback on that.

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Re: Season 1 Lvl 86 Legendary Apex Pack

★★★★ Novice


It could be worse... The first legendary I got was for Mozambique and when I got that legendary pack, all I got was the Open Cans frame for Pathfinder!

*insert sarcastic remark here*

Yep, that totally made the grind to get that pack worthwhile; a .gif of some bouncing tin cans with Netherlands flags on.

It makes me feel 100% rewarded for my investment of time in this game. 





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Re: Season 1 Lvl 86 Legendary Apex Pack

★★ Novice

You guys shut up, the person with real misfortune is here. After opening a series of junk, i finally get my assured legendary from the 30th box. Guess what did i get? Mozambique! This shocked the heck out of me. However, it is all about the possibility so let us show some tolerance and sympathy. After a couple of days of pain, i managed to accept this. Then, i spent 26 CAD to purchase some coins to trigger another assured skin because i know only junks before the 30th one and my prediction was right. After opening a bunch of trash i finally get to the 30th one. Ah, the glow of hope, so beautiful and charismatic. I had a diving right skin of caustic and i was always proud of this. By the moment i saw SIX SENSE from the box, i almost got a heart attack. My heart literally stopped beating for half a second. They claim that there is no duplicate and this is duplicate. Changing the color doesnt make any difference and they should be designed as exclusive skin to become something optional instead of shock from loot boxes. Now, i wake up every day with regret and pain. I cannot concentrate on the game so i uninstalled it. I am gonna play this game with stupid box any more until the gross SIX SENSE skin is removed from my inventory, It is disgraceful to have it there and the existence of it disgusts me every time when i think about it. I am an idiot who pays to get *, are you?

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Re: Season 1 Lvl 86 Legendary Apex Pack

★★ Novice

typo: i am not gonna play this game any more 

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