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QoL: "I need a BETTER scope!" more ping quotes

by MoltenBlade1

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QoL: "I need a BETTER scope!" more ping quotes

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I know you can see your teammates gear when checking your inventory so you can ping a better shield or backpack, but this doesn't count for their riffles.


Sometimes I would have a game where I have a real hard time finding a scope that has actual magnification. I would have a 2x on a Longbow or Triple Take and would have to take it of to ping "I need sniper optics." This is needed because at the moment you can only ping empty slots in your inventory. It would be nice to be able to ask for better attachments or gear without having to remove it first.


A few examples:

- When having a 1x scope equipped on a sniper, ping the 1x scope in the inventory will have your character still say I need Sniper Optics, since a 1x is definitely not a sniper optic.

- Pinging a lvl 1 or 2 light mag it would say something like "I need a bigger light mag." or "This light mag isn't big enough."

- Pinging the hop-up on the Havoc let's you ask for the other one.

- Lvl 3 items won't have quotes to ask for lvl 4's.

- Ping option for ordnance: "I could use some ordnance"


These are just a few examples. Maybe you guys have some ideas yourself. I would love to hear them

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Re: QoL: "I need a BETTER scope!" more ping quotes

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Sounds very useful. Thanks for the post!


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