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Positive and or negative

by AeLyXr

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Positive and or negative

★★★★★ Novice

Wingman - 4 bullets is fine since it has high dmg output, i really appreciate this gun but extended should make it 5 for white 6 for blue and 8 for purple. but if the community is fine with 10 leave it alone


P2020 - If this is my starting gun i should be able to use it effectively, i think it needs a buff with maybe damage? 


Re-45 - I literally have been trying everything even dual re-45s with extended mags its still hard to finish games with it, i dont know if it needs a buff maybe more ammo with extended lights or slight damage increase?


Mozambique - Again ive tried duals with this and attachments it def needs a buff maybe 5 ammo would make it more competitive with wingman?


eva 8 - its fine where it is


peacekeeper - its fine where it is


prowler - its fine 


hemlock - its fine


flatline - i noticed something weird yesterday - white extended/blue extended/purple extended (one of these values were the same i could be wrong) i will double check this today also i think this gun needs a buff maybe slight increased fire rate?


R-99 - its fine where it is but maybe increase to 20 ammo? 


301 - fine where it is


Havoc - its fine where it is but this gun might get abused but i highly appreciate spool time


devotion - needs a damage nerf due to standard ammo


spitfire - needs a damage nerf due to standard ammo


Scout - Needs a buff since its a sniper rifle but i really appreciate the variable use unsure of what it needs? maybe no sway? again unsure


longbow - needs a damage buff HS to 150 minimum?


triple take - damage buff again to 150 minimum?


The other part is the hit registration....on my screen ill see the floating numbers and sometimes it does not add up to where the enemy shouldve died even accounting for type of armor. I will try to save clips of this and upload somewhere. 


Servers since update


They are slightly better but could be improved still since it doesnt feel like im playing at a lan party (90s reference *)

Connection is everything to me. I really want to play and have no disatvantage, but most of the time i see the enemy i shoot the enemy but i end up going down even though i hit my shots and etc etc 

Week 1 was when I had the best connection but of course I understand now that there are millions of people.


So now overall this game is amazing and I usually dont enjoy battle royales I refused to play fortnite, but this game gives me/you a high thats above other battle royales. I hope we can keep improving this game overall in a positive manner. 

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Re: Positive and or negative

Community Manager

Thank you for taking time to write us feedback on the game! Regarding hit registration the team is aware of it sometimes affecting all characters as mentioned below from 1.1.1. Patch Notes.


At the start of Season 1, we previously talked about how our beloved Thicc Bois (Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic) were getting crushed due to their hitbox size compared to other Legends. We first wanted to try adjusting hitboxes to better fit the model. For Pathfinder, this change worked very well. (Note: separately, we are actively investigating and working on fixing unrelated hit registration issues sometimes affecting all characters). However, after looking at the data and player feedback, Gibraltar and Caustic only improved slightly with the hitbox adjustments.


The team is also looking to improve server quality going forward. If you come across any lag it's always encouraged to try some quick basic steps to see if that helps though. Thank you for playing Apex Legends! 


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