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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

by heme725

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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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I don't fully agree with this post as it says you should master it an all, which shouldn't be the case. The muzzle flash is really only noticeable without a scope of some kind. I play console and notice it myself when I don't use a scope. It's a good balance IMO.


Without the muzzle flash, people would loot a gun and begin dropping bodies because they can see perfectly, that's not cool. The scopes reduce flash so much and makes it fair so that you have to take time to look for a scope if you want to run out and start killing players. 


I've had many times where I try to run and gun as soon as I get a run and that plan goes south real quick, and that's fair. When I take the time to look for a scope, any, and then run out and gun, things come out more successful. 

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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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Can you all list the top 5 weapons that have muzzle flash you feel is too distracting? I know the R-99 has been mentioned as one up there, but to me it's only a concern when you're aiming with it (rather than hip fire). If someone is close enough, I'm going to use hip fire 9/10 times with it. If you're aiming with that SMG for long distance, a high rate of fire like that combined with the muzzle flash seems like a way to balance it, or is that just me?


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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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@ErdemTargaryen I like the Muzzle Flash.
I didnt notice it until people discussed it.
Either way I love that flash.
I honestly wish It had more depth, like shooting ember sparks, and electric arcs.

That would be cool, makes the gun truly feel powerful.
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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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@EA_BlueberryMuzzle flash is good.

I believe a lot of these complaint has to do with television color settings.
Because I can barely see the flash.
I didnt know it was there.


But all first person shooters have this.

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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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I don't care whether its there or not but thinking about it the devotion is the only gun I've noticed muzzle flash on. This might be because my target is already down before I'm bothered by the flash or due to using a lot of weapons with a low rate of fire.


@Gidoru The idea that muzzle flash doesn't add difficulty seems like a lie. Correct me if I'm wrong but plenty of games use muzzle flash or recoil to obscure the player's vision and good players find ways around that. Even in a simple game like COD there are methods like burst firing or constantly dropping and raising your gun to maintain accuracy/keep track of the enemy. Good players don't "randomly guess" either but make educated guesses based on experience. Muzzle flash can be a lazy way of balancing a gun but I dislike lying about its effect.

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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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Muzzle flash is  bad on most full auto weapons but its an issue on virtually every single weapon. One of the biggest problems is that in indoor environments or in shadows both your own muzzle flash and those of your enemies is egregious and prevents you from seeing your target at all.

On the R-99:
Im sorry but you're wrong about how to use the R-99, this is not only my opinion but also based high level gameplay from streamers ect. You only hipfire the R-99 if someone is basically right on top of you or up to a meter away, otherwise you pretty much always aim down sights. Furthermore the gun does not need anything to balance it out at long range, its already extremely mediocre outside of 50m or so because of its recoil/spread.

On balancing guns with muzzle flash:
First let me state that this is a terrible method of balancing weapons and NO other popular FPS game on the market does this or has muzzle flash anywhere near as extreme as this game.

Guns in FPS games already have a myriad of ways in which they can be differentiated and balanced. Namely, damage, rate of fire, recoil, bullet velocity, random spread, rarity and attachments. Given all these different methods why would you add muzzle flash?

Muzzle flash ultimately makes the game extremely frustrating when you lose a fight or miss a kill because you couldnt see what you were shooting at. It also reduces the skill gap of the game, the better player or player with better aim can miss shots due to an a completely unnecessary visual effect.
Shooting your own gun in a game where the object is to shoot at and kill enemy players SHOULD NOT blind and obscure your vision, this is literally stupid.

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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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I will correct you because you ARE wrong. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

First of all you're conflating muzzle flash and recoil. These are not the same things. Most FPS games use recoil as a method of balancing and differentiating weapons. Non random recoil in games that use it can be controlled thus creating an a skill element to the gameplay. Most games DO NOT use muzzle flash for the same purpose as recoil. Furthermore there is literally nothing to control or manipulate with muzzle flash in the same way as recoil, so there is NO skill element to this.

This is quite literally one of the only popular FPS games to have such extreme muzzle flash. The purpose of muzzle flash in most games is for a completely superficial graphical effect and so that you can better spot where enemies are shooting you from, NOT TO BLIND THE SHOOTER.

Second, considering this is the only game in which muzzle flash literally blinds you, YES GOOD PLAYERS DO RANDOMLY GUESS. In many cases the muzzle flash in the game literally blocks a huge portion of your screen completely obscuring the enemy. This game has extremely fast movespeed, high mobility and tiny hitboxes for many characters so theres a huge number of places that you can aim on your screen that would result in misses.

There is no such thing as an 'educated guess' in this situation. Your opponent could have strafed left or right so at best thats a 50/50. Even if you guess the right direction you still dont know exactly where they are BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SEE. That is not good gameplay.

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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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Its hilarious how wrong you are.

You claim that without muzzle flash people would be dying instantly and getting mowed down.

Fact 1: This game has some of the highest movespeed, strafe speed, mobility and some of the smallest hitboxes among all popular FPS games. This makes it harder to hit targets.

Fact 2: Essentially NO other popular FPS game has muzzle flash that is this obtrusive and affects your aim to this degree.

Given these facts how is it that every other FPS game on the market  doesnt have the problem you mentioned?  Thats because what you stated is false and you dont know what you're talking about.

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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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Am i playing a different game or something? Only muzzle flash issues i've ever had is with the L-Star, which is horrendously bright due to the sheer size of the rounds being fired.

I regularly run iron sights AND sights and i've never experienced what apparently is a "game changing issue".  :S


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Re: Please don't reduce muzzle flash!!!

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Im glad that you like muzzle flash so you can role play.

For many other people this is a competitive game and competitive FPS games should have clarity of graphics so you can actually see what you're shooting at and so the best player with the best aim can win.

Its great that you can barely see muzzle flash and that you play on console (this is also a PC game btw) but muzzle flash its objectively obtrusive and a problem. There are numerous videos on reddit and youtube showing muzzle flash completely blinding the shooter and if you dont notice it in these videos then you have vision problems.
And yes most FPS games have muzzle flash, but virtually none of them  except Apex have muzzle flash so severe that it affects your ability to aim and see your target.

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