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Opening loot boxes

by SumT1ng

Original Post

Opening loot boxes

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When you open the lootbox your teammates or enemy can take loot before you ? hotfix pls

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Re: Opening loot boxes

Community Manager



When a death box is opened it's a free-4-all. There's times I wish a teammate would let me loot the box from an enemy I killed first at times, but if there's a moment where they need to loot it quickly for more ammo as enemies are approaching it's a fair trade-off.

How would you hotfix this if you had it your way?


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Re: Opening loot boxes

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@SumT1ng are you referring to when you drop, open and anyone else around you gets first pick because for some odd reason, your legend refuses to grab a gun or any loot?

If so, I've had this problem as well which is why I wait now for the enemy to open the crate first so that I can loot it all before they can see it.
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Re: Opening loot boxes

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issue was whe nyou open lootbox forexample storage or drop not death drop . the item will spawn for your teammates/enemy when opening and for you it will spawn after the box or loot drop is fully open


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Re: Opening loot boxes

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@SumT1ng ah yes, I assume because your character must wait until they can see a weapon to get the option to show up for it.

Which is why others can loot a crate before you, because the only option they have is to grab a gun because the "open crate" option has already been used but not the "pick up loot".

Therefor, best to just wait on enemies to open first, also to note, guns are most likely yo appear on the left side. So stick to that and you'll always grab loot before your enemy.
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