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New Concept: Incindiary Shells

by Mythicles

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New Concept: Incindiary Shells

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Just a thoight but about adding an fire buck shot mod to the game for shotguns? Maybe 1 to 3 dot per sec for 3 sec per pellet? Could make it so bloodhound can hear/smell them like wraith can when she is being targeted.

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Re: New Concept: Incindiary Shells

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@Mythicles interesting idea dawg, but instead of an overtime thing because I think that's rather op, maybe sum thing like the mastiff just definitely not as powerful with a wider spread and maybe high damage at very close range other than the choke that can be used far range. bring some interesting meta comps. Also awaiting the 'sureshot' than Bangalore keeps mentioning in game
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Re: New Concept: Incindiary Shells

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@CRRAZYM3X1CANO The sureshit sounds like a auto-targeting magnetic explosive slug, also the idea if an Incindiary shell/round is to light the target on fire. Given the spread and number count it could debuff the damage by 10% narrow the spread by 15% while dropping the range by 15% to compensate.
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Re: New Concept: Incindiary Shells

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I'm already not a fan of shotguns. No need to add anymore power to them, they can essentially 1 shot kill a person. If a gun can do high damage like that with 1 round, then it should have a lot of negatives. Such as being horrible at anything but close combat. It should be slow to fire/reload. It should also require being accurate with that initial first shot.

If it does continued damage after the first shot, then what's the point the other automatic weapons? You'll essentially be turning shotguns into automatic weapons in some sense. Shoot them, round continues to do damage, shoot them again. This would lead to a very over powered weapon in the game.

There is absolutely no way it should do continued damage, continued damage after the initial shot is what automatic or even fast fire semi automatic weapons are for.

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