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Nerf spitfire

by PellePungkula

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Nerf spitfire

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Apex is a great game and all, but the spitfire is way to good. Not only can it carry between 35-55 in one magazine, but it also does too much damage. Players are taking advantage of this and it's getting annoying to run into all these players in the same lobby with spitfires. I want the damage of the weapon to decrease to at least 14 damage per bullet instead of 18.



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Re: Nerf spitfire

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1) it deals 19 damage per shot.

2) it have lower DPS than most of ARs/SMGs.


Aside damage per mag (especially without extended mag for early), it's an average weapon that is very forgiving.

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Re: Nerf spitfire

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Use literally any other gun in the game and learn to aim, you will kill them first.
Sounds like you're bad.
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Re: Nerf spitfire

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@PellePungkula Spitfire was already nerfed, it was a monster in S1 but you're better off picking the Flatline now.
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Re: Nerf spitfire

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Don't compare apple with orange. Spit is a midrange sustain fire weapon while flat is a close range bruiser.

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Re: Nerf spitfire

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It was nerfed from 20 damage to 18. Mag size was balanced too as lvl 3 used to be 60 which is now 55. 

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Re: Nerf spitfire


Yeah I think the Spitfire is fire, Hip-fire accuracy is still maybe a little high in my opinion but nevertheless is has a job and if it got nerfed more it would be pointless in comparison to the flatline.

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Re: Nerf spitfire

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Are you all referring to Squads, Solos, or both?


Hey that was a great reply. Good stuff. What now? Give them +XP to help level them up!
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Re: Nerf spitfire

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@EA_BlueberryNo nerf
Stop challenging LMGs directly.

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