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Melee Weapons

by MeMkAll

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Re: Melee Weapons PLEASE

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There is 1 melee weapon In game and only wraith can use it and it comes from loot box very rare. The name is heirloom and it got same stats as normal punch. 

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Re: Melee Weapons PLEASE

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no that will be broken from how fast the game goes and action goes by like nothing but maybe in the future they can add a character that has a melee weapon as his power
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melee weapons

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What do we think about melee weapons  because we have all had that o crap moment when we are out of ammo. they may be OP but what if they could be broken? so back to fist fighting. any thoughts?



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Re: melee weapons

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I think melee weapons might be a great idea for legends new skins, but it should work just like a decoration.

Because the default melee attack damage is 30, plus it can knock back the enemy, I think that's powerful enough for a melee attack.


BTW: English is not my mother tongue, I hope these words don't make the sentences hard to understand.

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Dedicated melee weapon?

★★★★ Apprentice

I noticed that one of the few things this game lacks is... DEDICATED MELEE WEAPONS. Can we have sword, crowbar, frying pan or something as extremely situational melee weapon pick?


(Yeah I know, you won't use it 99% of the time if you are serious, but it would be fun to mess with, and extremely embarassing to die to)

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Adding Memee Weapons in Apex

★★★★ Novice

As we’ve all seen, the jump kick and punches are amazing in animation.  The creators should create melee weapons to unlock in Apex packs or bought in Apex Store for unique Melee attacks for each individual champions.  I mean I would personally like to see Wraith use a kunai or a short sword, Bangalore with a combat knife or brass Knuckles, Gibraltar with his “Maui” hook or a steel chair, Bloodhound with his hunting knife or a tomahawk, Lifeline with a surgical Knife, Pathfinder with a crowbar or a steel rod, etc..  Just an idea, but it would be awesome since people like to have fist fights at the start of the match searching for a gun.  Damage stays the same btw.  Thoughts?  Add ons to what weapon should each Legend have? I think Pathfinder should have ridiculous melees because he’s a pretty funny Legend, especially his finishers lol.  

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Re: Adding Memee Weapons in Apex

★ Guide
Wraith already has a melee cosmetic so it's only a matter of time before other heroes get them as well
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Melee Weapons

★★★★ Novice

Melee weapons that deal between 50-70? Would you mind that?

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Re: Melee Weapons

[ Edited ]
★★ Guide

I would mind that.


UNLESS it took up a weapon slot. then I would be fine with it.

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Re: Melee Weapons

★★★ Newbie
I definitely would enjoy that.
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