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Re: Magazine changes

by JoJo_DeBlahhh

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Magazine changes

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I’ve noticed that with the extended heavys you get more ammo after a level 1 pick up, so say a hemlok no mag is 18 when you pick up a mag I believe it goes to 24-25. But with a light extended you get 2 bullets added with a level 1 mag. So if you get a level one mag for an alternator or r 99 you get 20 instead of 18. Which is you really think about it. The light ammo gun do less damage so why should a heavy ammo gun get more ammo faster than a light ammo gun? I think it should be switched. Something small but I feel it would changed the game for the better because a slower increase of bullets for a light gun should definitely be added. So it should go like this 


heavy mag 18

1 20

2 24-25

3 28-30 


light mags 18

1 24

2 28 

3 30 

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Re: Magazine changes

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because they can deliver those bullets faster via full auto resulting in a higher DPS

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Re: Magazine changes

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@LodewijkVerha wrote:

because they can deliver those bullets faster via full auto resulting in a higher DPS

Yup, right here.


It's all about the DPS.


Even though you only get a few extra bullets in an R99 or R301, for example, the R99 has the highest DPS of all AR's/SMG's specifically because of it's RoF.


At least, last time I checked the stats. Standard smile

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Re: Magazine changes

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you must have it out for me man huh. No worries just voicing my opinion as well. But cmon man you don’t think about dps unless you have god aim like shroud or dizzy that’s when dps matters. You ain’t gonna hit all 20 90 percent of the time. But say You battle a flatline. He has 25 and you have 20. You both are skilled players. Majority of the time the person who has more ammo in their mag is gonna win that’s just a fact. But I do see where you’re coming from I thought about that when I posted it I just wanted to see what people would say. 

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Re: Magazine changes


It's pretty inconsistent between all of the light weapons.


P2020 goes from like






G7 Scout






P2020 gets no love Frown

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