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Re: Loot became more unbalance after season 2

by Mxiter

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Loot became more unbalance after season 2

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I was hyped for season 2.I thought they would increase map size,increase loot.Fix server and hacker.But they ruined it more.All i find this new wasteful attachments everywhere.Just in skull town and thunderdome i found nearby 50 mozembeqe,alternater and Energy attachments and No selectfire and skull piercing in straight 20 matches.And lagg and hackers are worst now.There's nothing balance in this game it never was and never would be.With these stupid new attachments other favourable weapons and attachments got reduced almost to none.Even with new update Apex is number 8 at Twitch.So ypu can idea that this game has lost its touch.I uninstalling the game for forever,Going back to PUBG.

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Loot system

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Is it better than last season??  I don't think so imo.  No  this is dropping alone not in a crowded place.

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Re: Loot became more unbalance after season 2

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Skullpiercer went to gold tier, so way harder to find, wich isn't a bad thing imo.


As there is more attachements option, it will be a bit harder to find what you want, but there are overall more viable options if you can handle decently every weapon.

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Re: Loot became more unbalance after season 2

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Or may I had bad luck or just it's about what you're pointing, I land surrended by 3 supoly depots and not get any weapon. Something thats looks weird for me, was the lot of armors lvl 1 in game and few of lvl2 and lvl3. Maybe I'm not a Good player or not have much luck finding items, but in high loot places was hard to find lvl2 ir even lvl3 stuff, specially shields. 

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