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Re: Longbow Firerate

by neilny91

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Longbow Firerate

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The Longbow buff was definitely needed for the damage consistency but now it shoots way too fast for how much damage it does. Fully kitted it can shoot almost as fast as the wingman but does 10 more damage per shot and has way better range. 

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Re: Longbow Firerate

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They handled the longbow buff poorly. It definitely needed a slight fire rate buff, but the main problem with it was that it's bullet velocity was awful. Long range shots against someone that's shooting back A/D strafing is all luck on landing a shot or not. I think it's fire rate needs to be brought down to like 1.4, and it's shot needs to travel like 50% faster and it would be a much better gun. 

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Re: Longbow Firerate


The longbow is currently in a really good spot.

I don't know if it would be worth it nerf the fire rate as it isn't used that much and is less forgiving than other guns.

which makes that it's a situation bound weapon and not a go to weapon.

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Re: Longbow Firerate

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Not sure what game you are playing but I tun into a longbow with almost every squad i fight now. It's almost got the same fire rate as the wingman with better range and a bigger mag. It can 2 shot with headshots and 3 with body on level 1 shield. I would rather pick up a longbow over a wingman any day. It's better than the triple take as it hits for more consistent damage. Since it's buff I see it as a regular weapon. Add the thermal site onto it and you've got the best medium to long pressure/enemy detection in the game. 

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Re: Longbow Firerate

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Lol are you playing on the moon? The longbow buff, along with breaking pathfinder, has completely changed the meta to center around the gun. The 301 and wingman don't have a prayer against a team on a cliff with a gun that can two to four shot you.
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Re: Longbow Firerate

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In my view, what the Longbow really needed was the larger magazine size. The rate of fire buff probably wasn't necessary, in hindsight.
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