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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

by EA_Blueberry

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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You keep leveling after 100 it just doesn't show it. I get packages all the time bro and i don't even win every game. Maybe worry less about the win and more about the thrill of the hunt/chase?

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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I don't play for loot personally, I play to become better than I was yesterday. Setting personal goals and pushing towards them keeps me interested. If it isn't enjoyable make yourself happy and find something that is. Best of luck!

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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@Mythicles  you get packages all the time past level 100? Strange because i passed level 100 quite a while ago and all i receive is legend tokens,pretty sure this applies to literally everyone else also. O.o

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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Yeah youre full of crap if you say you get anything after lvl 100 besides legend tokens. You get absolutely nothing after lvl 100... whatever pack youre getting are either from the battle pass of being bought. 


Im really with you on this. Me and all my friends are lvl 100 and they dont have the pass so guess what happened, they stopped playing. There really needs to be a prestige of some sort here, doesnt have to be packed with loot necessarily.... but at the same time, if they do this then they have to come up with new in game items (cosmetics and badges) to unlocked, which will take alil time to create. Everyone thinks this will ruin the battle pass but thats not true, make the stuff in the battle pass THAT much better then the regular unlockable loot... that way if you want it you have no choice but to buy the pass.  Ultimately This is a f2p game and we as a community need to make sure were not compromising the devs getting paid for their hard work. Im sure we could figure something out tho. Ive never played a game ive loved as much as apex. (Besides Dark souls and Sekiro) but i am starting to get pretty bored with playing anymore Frown

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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For clarification, when we're talking about player level (not Battle Pass) once you reach max level you'll be awarded Legend Tokens when you earn enough match XP.


Hey that was a great reply. Good stuff. What now? Give them +XP to help level them up!
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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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I think every 100 levels we should get 100 apex coins or an apex pack plus every 100 levels should be a new rank badge.

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