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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

by d3adc3II

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Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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After reaching level 100 I have lost interest in the game.  Why is there no prestige? Why is there no loot? Without incentive it makes losing feel like such a waste of time.  I find myself logging in, losing two matches then quitting.  While I was progressing I would grind for hours and had fun win or lose because I could look forward to loot.  Now its all about the win. 

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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I'm being brutally honest here:


Play the Witcher 3 or Dark Souls 3 if you want dozens of hours of 'progression'.


This is a F2P game where the only reason why you are given any lootboxes to begin with is so that they hope they will turn you and your (need/want) for lootboxes into becoming a paying customer, battle-pass, continued 'sense of progression'.


Honestly, reaching Level 100, for me, is only part of the 'progression'. 

For me it's increasing my overall damage & kills, the more I play the game. If we win, good, but I'm really in it for the kills.


Being able to finish an entire squad and knowing that I beat them because I aimed better, dodged better, bamboozeled better...great feeling.


Everyone has their own set of needs, but if you really just got hooked on the whole prgression thing, then you've been hooked on the wrong game entirely.


People continue to play this after they reached max level, cuz it's fun; if you're not having fun, time to move on, at the end of the day, games are simply a passtime, meant for fun. (Except Dark that's pure pain+progression+more pain). xD

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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@JoJo_DeBlahhh He's not alone in the way he feels, many players are getting bored with the lack of progression. 

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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Progression comes in the form of Battle Pass. According to the roadmap, new battle pass releases every 3 months.

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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For me, having nothing to earn gives me an incentive to find something else to do until the next patch. I'm hoping to see changes addressing hitbox disparity and weapon imbalance, hoping they decide to turn away from 'clearly better/worse'. Incidentally gives them time to address the cheating in the meantime, which I see as a bonus.
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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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yes increase the levels to 1000 so we have something to play for!

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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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I agree. 

There needs to be more ways to gain apex packs.

There should be an apex pack every 5 to 10 levels after 100 instead of just useless legend tokens. 

Waiting 3 months to get 5 apex packs is insane. I refuse to spend money on a game like this that trys to "force" me to do so. 


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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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This is one area that I think Heroes of the Storm has gotten right (if not much else besides audio/visuals). To be fair, they've been bumping out bloatware 'cosmetics' like nuts though, so there's a far bigger pool of 'stuff to collect' there.
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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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I want to add - without prestige / higher level / etc - events like  Double XP for Top 5 & Wins Weekend are pointless.. 

Ok - I get more of the red coins but nothing to really spend them on unless I own what ever is for sale and can "upgrade" it.


Ranking up - you would at least get a apex pack once in a while but after lvl 100 - nothing..

At least make the red coins worth something...


With that being said - I also maxxed out my Season 1 and 2 battle pass..   Still some time left but now the challenges also offer me nothing..  I gain a +1 BP but it goes into the void..  This should also equate to something else if you finish the battle pass early.


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Re: Level 100 = Nothing to play for

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@Rei_PWZND agreed, haven't finished the BP but it feels good to be working towards something, once that is gone. I probably won't play as much until another event or the new BP comes out.

Love the game, fun to play and try new tactics even dumb ones for run but outside that, I get bored as I won't get rewarded much even if I win.
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