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Re: L-Star

by Sir_Named

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The L-Star is just too much right now. It's almost impossible to win a firefight against it regardless to range. Before it was just to inaccurate and useless to use. Now it's a freaking lazer. I don't think it should be reverted but just tweaked down a bit. Rather nerf the accuracy a bit, or lower the damage. I shouldn't be getting roasted from 40+m away.

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Re: L-Star

If someone is tapping you with a L-Star from 40-60 meters away, they have a 2-4x or a 3x scope on it. You should technically win the fight against them unless you get closer. They also lose their headshot multiplier at 64+ meters as it becomes a 1x multiplier. 


L-Star does have a weakness of slow ADS speed and it can take a few seconds to swap weapons out. Giving you more time to beam the person. 

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Re: L-Star

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The L-Star also has weird recoil, which is a bit hard to adjust to. (Probably. It has like an S shape, which is annoying.)

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