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Re: In case you were wondering, wingman's are still on every single squad

by Mad_Dog8762

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In case you were wondering, wingman's are still on every single squad

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Still running into multiple full wingman squads beyond the start of the game. Nerfing the drop rate doesn't nerf the gun, because when everyone finds a wingman it still has the same problems that it's always had.

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Re: In case you were wondering, wingman's are still on every single squad

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As somone who hates the wingman, it doesn't feel TOO bad currently

Whereas it USED to melt players regardless of armor or anything

Now, it definitely is a strong weapon, but I don't feel like im ENTIRELY outclassed by it anymore
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Re: In case you were wondering, wingman's are still on every single squad

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Well considering they did almost nothing to change the gun, it's still pretty * obnoxious running into wingman/peacekeeper constantly. I don't even mind the peacekeeper despite it being slightly overtuned, but it's so overused and its still so common to see the most obnoxious setup all the time. 1 guy on the squad has a purple mag and missing 11/12 shots every time while the other 2 are more accurate with it. But you know that 1 guy just keeps using the wingman because at some point it pays off and he is rewarded for picking up the 1 gun in the game that rewards bad aim.


You can have a functional weapon without it being so * overpowered. EVERYONE still uses it and it's such a stupid * meta where you see this gun 95% of the time. Instead of seeing a variety of guns being used, it's nothing but wingmans and that's going to get extremely boring fast. Case in point, I'm sitting here on the forums instead of playing because I'm just sick of it for the day. I've never played an FPS where 1 gun ruined the experience for me, and I've been playing FPS since they existed. The other top tier guns are all near the same power level but nowhere near as obnoxious as the wingman. I can use the wingman effectively and I could just conform and use it but why? Maybe if I was rewarded for getting headshots with it instead of just spamming it like a scumbag. Just imagine how different the game would feel without the wingman even existing, you would see every (non trash) gun being used regularly.


I get laser beamed by R99's, R301's, and Spitfire's all day and I don't really care because they obviously had some good aim, although sometimes not quite the case with the Spitfire. When you miss your tracking on an R99 for half a second, that's half your bullets gone. You know that gun is either getting reloaded or swapped and you get some breathing room for even a second. The wingman is just not fun to fight against because of how many advantages it has while having almost no disadvantages. I love this game but I can't stand this moronic gun in its current state, I would actually use it if it was properly nerfed to the point where you need some degree of accuracy for it to pay off. 

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