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Re: Gold Equipment Modifications

by UnklePancake

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Gold Equipment Modifications

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Currently the gold backpack has the best perk in the game, but I feel that the gold armor perk needs to be reworked and the self-revive can be improved to make them both truly gold worthy items.


Gold Body Armor - Requiring a finisher/execute for full shields is way too risky late game, and by that time you normally have enough shields that there's no reason to attempt an execute since it takes so long and can easily be stopped by decent communication from the enemy team. I think it would be more beneficial if every time you download and/or finished a downed enemy, you got something like 50 health or shield for it. 


Gold Knockout Shield - I love this perk but I think with the current design it's too difficult to pull off successfully and only works when playing against inexperienced players. Normally when an enemy team downs a 3-person squad and they don't die immediately, it's clear that at least one of them have a knockdown shield so they just finish everyone downed. And the times where I attempt a self-revive while the enemy team is busy resurrecting a downed teammate, it always seems like they can resurrect much quicker than the time it takes to complete the self-revive (not to mention the loud audio cue) and due to the 3rd person view that kicks in while reviving, you have no idea where the enemy team is. I think the self-revive time should be decreased, and the POV should stay in first person to allow sight on the enemy team to be able cancel/self-shield again if needed.


Thanks for the opportunity to provide my feedback!

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Re: Gold Equipment Modifications

Community Manager

Thank you for sharing! What about the Legendary helmet though, anything you feel should be changed around that?


Hey that was a great reply. Good stuff. What now? Give them +XP to help level them up!
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Re: Gold Equipment Modifications

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I have to say I'm aware of the perk the LVL4 helmet grants but don't know if I necessarily notice that my tactical and ultimate abilities are charging faster, probably because the default times already vary based on legends.

I think the underlying fact is that the Gold Backpack perk is so good that all others need to match that effectiveness in their own way (rather than nerfing the backpack).

Do you know exactly how much the Gold Helmet decreases tact/ult charge time? Don't think I've seen %'s on that anywhere.
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