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Firing a Gun too loud

by DisDaChris

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Firing a Gun too loud

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Essentially the topic title itself, firing a gun is too damn loud that I have to setup the master volume at 50% and the Sound effects to 2% just so my ears won't bleed when I fire my gun. This is in PC and also there are cases where dying just blasts your ears with a loud audio.

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Re: Firing a Gun too loud

Community Manager

Thanks for the audio feedback, @DisDaChris 


The team made some audio improvements in the latest patch but we'll make sure they are aware of audio concerns like this.

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Re: Firing a Gun too loud

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"Some". From what i heard, the audio is exactly the same or worse

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Re: Firing a Gun too loud

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Having the same problem, weapons sounds are so loud compared to other sounds in game ( and team mates chat ) that making of it a bad experience apart from severely hurt your ears and if you put the volumen lower it will just make you unable to hear well the game.


weapon sounds should be reduced at least 15% / 20%

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Re: Firing a Gun too loud

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Sorry, just by reminder, theres another few things about Sound Balance....


1.- Weapon Sounds are very loud expecially (Wingman, Longbow, R301, G7 Scout, Havoc, R99, PeaceKeeper, Spitfire)

2.- This weapons are loud but not only in Player, also teamates shooting weapons are very loud by your side (Specially the G7).

3.- Several sounds effects like Granades Explosions, Doors Opening/Closing, Launching/Landing From Tower, Pinging System, etc.


Also in the Squad Screen Gameplay, sounds volume are increased by none (specially in the Weapons shooting area).

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Re: Firing a Gun too loud

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@EA_BlueberryI appreciate the patches and the updates, but this feedback was for last year, when level 99 chinese bots in asia server was running rampant (Glad those are gone too). Audio has been great and I'm enjoying the game still. Thanks for checking out the community!

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