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Re: EVO Suggestions and Feedback

by Sir_Named

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EVO Suggestions and Feedback

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First of all, EVO Shields are a idea and will change the meta of the gameplay. However, there should be some changes and tweaks made to it before becoming official.


  1. It be great if they healed at least 25 shield health when you reach the next EVO Shield.
  2. It would also be great if it had a perk once Red. Like dealing 600 damage fully heals you. This will encourage dealing as much damage as possible instead of farming to Red Shields. Once Red, the damage you're doing in a fight could trigger the heal & turn the tides in your favor. 
  3. If the above perk is not a good idea, then 3 kills can be used to trigger the full heal effect. You will see the number 3, then 2 and 1 next to the words that reads FULL HEAL. The kills must be eliminations not knocks. You can also thirst someone to lower the kill number from 3 to 2 or 2 to 1. Someone that bleeds out or rage quits also counts as a kill as normal. Assist kills don't count towards this passive though. 

Those are some buff ideas. But there's a problem it Quality of Life EVO Shields.


First of all, we cannot armor swap to other armors when using the EVO Shields. This should be updated/fixed. I also recommend that we can swap Armors just by holding the button over an armor to pick it up like we currently do when swapping weapons on the ground. 


Second of all, update the UI of the EVO Shields. When we have teammates who are using EVO shields. You as a player will not even know this information unless you look at the inventory for that info (you see team gear there). How to fix this problem? I recommend actually showing the real bar Health of their EVO Shield; WHITE 1 Bar/BLUE 2 bars/PURPLE 4 bars. RED is the only one we clearly already know without asking. 


Furthermore, I recommend adding Scales to the Shield Health Bars of teammate's UI information. By scales, I mean like armor scales that you see on this image icon of the armor but to the actual Shield Bar:






Other than that, nothing else to really say at the moment. EVO shields should technically be the 2nd best armor in the game one Red. Gold Armor will go to certain people still and remain top tier but there are times where Red Armor can beat a Gold Armor and also helps us Low Profile Legends live a little longer than normal. 


I would love to see these changes happen or any other wonderful feedback. 


As for the perks, I do think Red Armor needs a perk. Personally I think the 3 kills thing for the full heal should be it. I had a match where I dropped 10 kills and 2400 damage. A Wraith with Gold Armor mastiff and then body shot me with the Sentinel before running away. She was one shot at only 5 HP, I had Red Armor but my Health was really 200 because my white health was kind of hurt. My reason is I would have won this fight if there was a passive to trigger a full heal because I killed Caustic/Octane/Gibby then Wraith came to third party me. 


I did win that game but was sad because it was my Triple Triple Badge for 3/3 and also exactly my 2500 kill badge because she had a gold knockdown and thirsting would have put me over 2505 damage.



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Re: EVO Suggestions and Feedback


I personally think that the Evo Shields should start at 50 Shields like a regular white, the jump from Blue to Purple is quite a big one and it would solve the whole UI problem that they currently have.


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Re: EVO Suggestions and Feedback

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In Firing Range, I noticed that EVO Shields have a bug in penetration damage. When you using snipers and hit 2 or 3 people. The penetration damage doesn't count towards the damage needed for the next EVO Level. This is a bug. 

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Re: EVO Suggestions and Feedback

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@Leo_the_Lion25 It’s a shame about your game, although where were your teammates? If you got a squad wipe by yourself, then the least your teammates could do is fend off 3rd partiers.
Anyway, I don’t really think the evo shield should get a perk, as that’s one main reason why gold armor is still slightly better than the evo.
Maybe a small, very small perk would be fine, but I think the more game-changing abilities should go to the gold shield.
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Re: EVO Suggestions and Feedback

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EVO Shields were added to the game as expected but all the feedback the devs asked for seems to be ignored as nothing was changed. I can understand if there is a change but it's is in the next game update patch. If so, it doesn't hurt to at least tease the changes that are coming for the EVO Shield. 

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