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Dont change too much

by carupo_swe

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Dont change too much

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Hi, ive been playing this game a short while now after leaving Overwatch after playing that game everyday for 18 month and I love this game.


I got tired of OW due to the constant changes in damageoutput and so on. In Apex, you dont need to buff/nerf weapons as much cuz every weapon is not supose to be equally good? In Apex, no weapon can oneshot you if you got armor (exept Kraber).


When I played OW i always felt the game was so unbalanced, but i really dont feel it with Apex, I just try to get better weapons when looting. 


Dont ruin Apex by changing too much, either way, there will always be people complaining no matter what.

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Re: Dont change too much

There are weapon tiers and some weapons are clearly stronger than others. Eventually you;ll see the difference of that. Not sure how long you've been playing but enjoy. 


There will be changes Season 4 which includes adjustments. Meta for weapons might be changing again.  

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