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Disruptor ruined the game

by Ls1play

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Re: Disruptor ruined the game

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@MandatoryIDtag wrote:

It all boils down to player accuracy frankly, you're only gonna feel like you've been truly shredded by an accurate player, and if that's the case its going to matter very little  what weapon they're using.

That being said i do agree the long range pot shots with with the disruptor hop up are pretty aggravating, especially in third party situations.

Its a shame the shield dmg effect doesn't decrease over range as it just seems wrong for a smg to still be effective over the range its intended for.

Absolutely. It’s exceedingly rare that I get beat by combat tactics. It’s accuracy. 95% of all my deaths are due to my opponent having more accurate gunfire. 

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Re: Disruptor ruined the game

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Agree it's still a big problem, with the additional buffs to the Alternator + Disruptor hop-up, it takes no skill to use this gun, there's no drawback besides ROF which doesn't matter because of the Disruptor buff.


The Alternator would have been fine with the just the buffs and no hop-up.  Man I hope they nerf the disruptor more.

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Re: Disruptor ruined the game

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I'm glad the worst player in the lobby can out gun me because of an overpowered hop up that didn't need to be in the game. Just remove it already. You just lowered the skill gap in this game tremendously for no reason. You don't know what you're doing 

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Re: Disruptor ruined the game

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It's current state is indeed a complete utter abomination akin to launch Wingman/Peacekeeper imo and with all the Arc Star spam that's already prevalent in the game it wasn't needed.  The Alternator buffs alone were reasonable enough but Disruptors make the gun so ridiculous at this point it's all you see... especially on Ranked where entire teams will actively hunt three down so everybody can run it.


People don't even have switch guns to down and finish you off or even reload if they can actually aim... which I thought was one of the initial goal strategies of these new hop ups smdh.


- Way too easy to get at every stage of the game whether you find them, loot a death box with them in it or kill somebody for them. 


- Way too easy to poke accurately from any range outside of sniper via burst fire on one of the lowest recoil guns in the game. 


- Way too much damage on shields (literally feels like one to two shots per bar which is insane on a high fire rate/low recoil gun) to begin with on a gun that does enough base and headshot damage to not require a switch afterwards.


All of this nonsense on an smg that's easy to get, easy to stock with ammo, easier to fully kit and use.  Then combined with a hop up that isn't rare enough to not play a single game where you don't hear them in the distance or run into multiple teams abusing them. 


The game doesn't have an armor mechanic or a way to boost health so introducing an easier way to circumvent the game's sole damage defense makes no actual sense to me.  It's just a flat out toxic experience in its current state and very irritating to play against.  I'd rather deal with being trapped by Arc Star spam in a Bunker hallway than 2/3 people poking outside midrange with Alternators out in the open.  That's crazy to me.

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Re: Disruptor ruined the game

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I don't feel it actually stronger than R99.


More damage per mag but the R99 TTK seems still lower and still needs more attachements than it.


Disruptor used to be broken at launch, but previous nerf tone it down decently.



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Re: Disruptor ruined the game

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@Mxiter  The issue isnt the DPS alone, its the ease of use combined with it's range. R99 is more powerful if you can control it....thus you're rewarded for your skill. The Alternator has little recoil and is easy to laser people with at close range, then as a few us have stated you can just single fire tap at people mid range to force them to waste all their shield recharge items, you're no being rewarded for skill here...just for finding a hop up.


The idea itself was good...the implementation sucks beans.

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Re: Disruptor ruined the game

[ Edited ]
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Is tap firing at mid range more effective than high alpha weapons like wingman/longbow/Kraber/choked PK?No.

Is its DPS better than bursty weapons? No.


The best disrupted alternator strenght is certainly its versatility (dps/dpmag/range).

I'm fine with alternator being jack all trade master of none at the cost of more attachments than any other weapons(aside fully kitted longbow & clucky Devotion/Havok).


It's a strong endgame weapon but not the ultimate weapon it used to be.

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Re: Disruptor ruined the game

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Easily all they need to do is make disrupter rounds gold. Easy fix in my opinion.

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