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Console weapon balance is making the game stale.

by Khronikos

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Console weapon balance is making the game stale.

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Honestly, I don't even think Respawn plays their own game. What they have going here is basically a meta of 301s and 99s with spitfires, occasional sniper, and devotion. The rest of the weapons might as well not even exist.


Peacekeepers are too slow. Shotguns in general are too slow and rarely keep up. Yeah, they are okay for early game, but ANYTHING is okay for early game. Why are we balancing this game to the point only a couple weapons are viable at the end?


The problem is getting in close almost always means an enemy can see you from a vantage point that makes getting shot in the back a 100% reality. Not to mention a peacekeeper needs to hit EVERY SINGLE TIME for you to survive. Meanwhile guy can pummel you with 99s and 301s until their eyes bleed and keep reloading while you are desperately still trying to hit their horrid hitbox.


The biggest problem is yet another dev, like Dice before them, trying to balance complex weapon mechanics for BOTH PC and console. Not only is this stupid it's illogical. But here we are, and we know it doesn't work worth a damn.


Fix your netcode at least.


Respawn has to see this in their data. 301s and 99s dominate every single end game battle. It's a pathetic. And nerfing the Spitfire just makes it even more apparent. The 301 and 99 need to be balanced within the gameplay limits. The 99 needs a very slight rate of fire nerf, and the 301 should probably have a 2 bullet nerf on its magazines or something.


Anything. But keep this game as stale as it is and no one is going to want to play it in a few months.

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Re: Overall weapon balance is making the game stale.

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That's a wide variety of weapons you just described out of the total weapon roster, you know....

I'd like it if the R-99 had a slower rate of fire to be honest, it'd be easier to manage that way. A bit like what happened with the Wingman's first "nerf".

Speaking of the Wingman, I've noticed it's strangley absent from your post despite *still* being the go-to weapon of choice. 45 raw up-front damage is just too much for a side-arm. Peacekeeper also remains popular.

There are things I disagree with on Respawn's approach to weapon balance - like having 'clearly good' and 'clearly crap' guns; I'd love to see P2020's and Mozambiques be relevant, for instance.

The netcode & hitboxes in general could indeed use improvement, as well - and the characters with the smallest hitboxes should get some kind of drawback, like 10% more damage to their health.

All that said, though, the gist of your post I feel is in error. There's plenty variety that exists despite the problems that stand out, and while I'd even agree that things have gotten 'stale', I see it as being thanks to cheating, Wingman's damage, and a lack of solo/duo/squad mode options - not due to the reasons you've claimed.
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Re: Overall weapon balance is making the game stale.

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It should be noted I play on console, and wingman is barely relevant there in end game battles. Yes, with PC the slower firing higher damage weapons are more relevant, as are guns that have a bit more recoil like the Havoc, but PC has nothing to do with console, and that is the main issue here.


I did put a few words in for that. No game should be balanced for both PC and console.



Again, you clearly missed the point of the post, where I say the biggest problem is balancing for wildly different systems. And yes it is a problem bud. You sound like you might play on PC. If you do play on console. 99s and 301s are extremely dominant on all angles.


A few more weapons like an occasional sniper now make it into the mix.


Yeah, they don't have enough weapons. The Moz and 2020 are garbage, and mostly irrelevant even on PC. Another problem with the weapons becoming stale. The alternator is basically dead after early game as is the R45. This is not good weapon balance. It's just random, and I have no idea why there afraid to at least every so slightly increase the viability of weapons that are rarely used past the first battle.

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Re: Overall weapon balance is making the game stale.

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He missed your point because of a giant unrelated rant. What you meant to say was: have different weapon balancing for PC and console. And I agree with you, it's impossible to get a good weapon balance for both pc and console at the same moment. Splitting the 2 will make things a lot easier.

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