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Re: Buff Ultimate Accelerant

by ZeptikkHue

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Buff Ultimate Accelerant

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You need to reduce the time it takes to use an Ultimate Accelerant. I never use those with the exception of a few legends now because it makes me fall behind my squad.


If you made them instant to use it would help out Gibraltar and Caustic, which are among the worst and slowest legends, as they also have the best ultimates.



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Re: Buff Ultimate Accelerant

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Gibraltar and caustic are as fast as every other legend if you don't count abilities.
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Re: Buff Ultimate Accelerant

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I agree they should be instant or at least faster to use and they should also show up on the consumable wheel, so I don't have to look in inventory to use it.

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Re: Buff Ultimate Accelerant

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You have to count abilities, but that was not the point. The point was that the faster legends don't gain much from the Accelerants as their ultimates are not that great or they have a shorter cooldown. Bloodhound, Caustic and Gibraltar have most to gain from speeding up the accelerants, and they are all amongst the weaker legends in current meta.

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Re: Buff Ultimate Accelerant

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The best Legends to use those are Lifelines until everyone has level 3 gear. 


It be great if they did something else so other Legends would make use of it. I just wish you could hold onto 2 of them with them taking two slots. That the main reason I don't even keep them or pick them up. 

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Re: Buff Ultimate Accelerant

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Hrm you say that the reason why Ultimate Accelerants need a buff is because the Legends without any ways to increase their movement speed will fall behind their squad if they spend time using them. You also state that those legends ults are the best.


So if you add those two together, doesnt it make perfect sense then to keep them as they are, balance wise that is? Legends like Bloodhound, Caustic, Lifeline and Gibraltar, who gain the most from using Ult accelerants (because their ults are better) will have to make a strategic call to use them at the expense of falling behind their squad, whereas Pathfinder, Octane and Wraith will gain less to use them but will also have an easier time catching up with their squad.

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