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Armor needs a rework

by Imterriblehelpme

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Armor needs a rework

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The current armor system is hopeless. Stuck with a white armor all game? Enjoy having 50 less health than others and, also important, 50 less easier-to-heal health. Meanwhile someone can just randomly find a purple armor and he's objectively stronger than you. At least with weapons; yes, an R99 with a full purple kit is stronger than a R99 with no attachments, but at least they still have to hit. There's no objective superiority.


A simple fix would be to give everyone 100 armor by default. Armor pieces will increase the armor you gain from cells/batteries.


Yes, it's a complete nobrainer that this needs to be way it works. Now, go implement this already.

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Re: Armor needs a rework

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Just get a level 2 or 3 armor, problem is solved. Its impossible having a round without at least get a level 2 armor.

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