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Apex Needs More Frequent Updates to Improve

by removed978671

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Apex Needs More Frequent Updates to Improve

★★★★ Novice

I love Apex but it's starting to get boring and really repetitive.


I know they are working on it but fix small issues that people are complaing about with more updates. 


I've heard others say they want challenges in the game too and I think that would help keep it entertaining.


I've heard the map will be changed some, new guns and legends coming too but I want them faster. Doesn't have to be all at once.


Add new game modes like duos, or funny ones like a mode where everyone is the same legend. Add some creativity to it. 


I also don't like that when you fly through the air you have to reload when you land and can't shoot right away.


Work on and inprove the looting system.

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Re: Apex Needs More Frequent Updates to Improve

★★★ Apprentice

Peacekeeper still needs a nerf. Worst noobie gun in the game. Doesn't take skill at all to down someone with it. 

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