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Re: Am I shooting bullets or spitwads?

by KarnCrusader

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Am I shooting bullets or spitwads?

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Nothing irks me more than putting an entire extended mag into an enemy, hitting almost every shot and not downing them. All machine guns feel so underpowered. I shouldn't have to use half or of my lvl 3 extended spitfire to down one opponent with blue body armor. Weapons need to be buffed a bit. 

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Re: Am I shooting bullets or spitwads?

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Yeah thats why I've stopped using guns like the R-99 or R-301. they dont kill ANYTHING past the first 2 minutes of the game. Pistols? ROFL HA. had a R-99 one game, put I kid you not, SIX FRIKIN CLIPS into a guy. didnt kill him. I wanna see if six clips of a ump kills some one... oh wait... one shot does... rip. Sincerely the three time combat veteran with the US army who is very amused.

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Re: Am I shooting bullets or spitwads?

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It takes 12 body shots or 6 head shots with the spitfire to kill through purple armor, which is 34% and 17% respectively of a Spitfires mag capacity with no extension at all.  So yes, you might be emptying an entire clip without killing someone; I dont question you on that. But its virtually impossible that you are "hitting almost every shot" then.




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Re: Am I shooting bullets or spitwads?

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This is not the guns fault. There is an exploit/cheat that lets you survive loads of damage without going into a downed state. I had a game where I did 115 damage with an R-99 (88 hs-damage, I checked the footage) on a Wraith. Her shield didn't break, she downed me but her teammate killed me so I was stuck spectating him after my team died. Even if she had purple armor I should've seen damage to her healthbar (definitely after my teammate also shot her loads with an r-99, at least 40 dmg). While spectating her teammate her healthbar showed no shields.


The R-301 does 14 damage per bodyshot, with a fire rate of 720 RPM that adds up to 336 dmg per second(according to the wiki).  If you truly hit all your shots, they should indeed have gone down. Right now there is just nothing to do about it but wait until they remove the cheat from the game.

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