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Re: Ability to request certain weapons

by EA_Lanna

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Ability to request certain weapons

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At the moment we are able to communicate to our team members if we need: 


- a certain ammo type 

- a certain accessory on your weapon 

- a body shield/backpack etc 


I think it would be very useful if they made it so we could also request a certain weapon type I.e I need assault rifles etc 


on top of this it would be amazing if we could communicate that we need a particular weapon (for those people that are maybe trying to work on challenges etc) I.e “I need a flatline” 


this would allow us to communicate better with team mates and potentially help each other to find the weapons we are working on 

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Re: Ability to request certain weapons

Community Manager
Hi @GarnetAngel, that makes sense. I can see how that would come in handy in-game for the likes of ranked. Cool suggestion. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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