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confirmation button is a must

by superretroplay

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confirmation button is a must

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I wanted to click on the questionmark to check weapon details but my fat fingers pushed on the buy button. 5000gold is gone for a weapon i dont want. How about a confirmation button you * * like EVERY OTHER GAME ON THIS * PLANET!!!!! GREEDY * CHILLINGO. 

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Re: confirmation button is a must

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I'd really appreciate that too. I bought the most expensive aug crate accidentally. On the one hand cuz it's at the exact same spot like the shop button is at "my soldier". You are just allowed to enter the aug crate shop if you push the shop button on a nanosecond and then don't even get near the crates if you aren't 100% sure. And on the other hand due to the topic of that post. If there would have been a confirmation button it would have never at all. At it happened to other squaddies as well.

I think you already get a lot of money with that game, so you don't need to fleece us.
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Re: confirmation button is a must

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Support, what do you think?
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Re: confirmation button is a must

EA Chillingo Team



I'm sorry to hear about the accidental purchases, I know it's a pain. :/ 

I will pass your complaints on to the game designers for consideration. 


Thank you and have a good day,



About Fun community manager 

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