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by edagsara

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i keep on buying pro aug but theres no luck in getting those gold one and its just like unfair fighting with players with 2 to 4 gold aug on their box and it feels like theres a favoritism in here tho... and i know its  just a chance to get that gold aug but sad to say i always get alot of common aug in pro pack buys

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Re: aug

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looks like theres still no luck in getting that gold aug even i play alot even in invader rewards its always common aug...hoping theres a better way to be more competitive in fighting those with gold aug...

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Re: aug

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how many more do i need to buy a pro aug to have that gold one just lemme know so i can hit it...and you just ignored this post lol

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Re: aug

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The rewards in lootboxes, arena lootboxes as well as augmentation crates are generated randomly. There's no threshold as to how many you should buy to get a rare one, and unfortunately I can't give you any guarantees, due to the random nature of the reward boxes. 


Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day! 



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Re: aug

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i understand that ..another thing about aug i am using deploy units with the sane category and its action is double crate reward and the other one is deploy units with same category and its action is primary weapon decrease... my question s if i hit that deployment twice is both augmentation triggers on...

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