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Re: Will you ever do anything about Hackers?

by LazloVimes

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Will you ever do anything about Hackers?

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This photo was taken 04 July '18. This is the second time I've submitted this. So, could someone there tell me why I still continually get matched with this player? Is this not enough proof of Hacking? Are you guys actually able to do anything against Hackers? What specifically are your plans? No, I don't mean some vague answer like, "we will look into it", I mean specifically. Is there a plan, a timeline or even some sort of compensation to the players who have been putting up with incompetence for a very long time?

These are all rhetorical, you guys lost my trust awhile ago. There is a reason less than 5% of players pay money for your game; it's this simple, you are not doing your job and people are not getting the product you promise.

So ya, good luck to you guys, I hope you can turn the game around, it really has potential.

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Re: Will you ever do anything about Hackers?

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And I am still facing the same Hacker.  Oh well, more reason for me to not spend $

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Re: Will you ever do anything about Hackers?

EA Chillingo Team



Thank you for reaching out. 

I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with being matched with this player. 

Could you please be more specific in what exactly do you consider hacking in his case? A video footage, or at least a detailed description of what seems to be the problem? 

We'll check the player out anyway, I've already forwarded their details to the investigation team. More info would be a great help though.


Thank you very much & have a good day. 



About Fun community manager

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Re: Will you ever do anything about Hackers?

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Bara, are you kidding me, did you not look at what I posted?  On July 04, 3 weeks before the troop level update, I grabbed a screenshot of the player, he had Troops level 140+.  Its in a plain and clear picture, can you not see the screenshot I posted.


Your response really makes me question your ability to see reality, is there someone else there that has a grasp on reality that might be able to help you?  I sincerely do not know what else I need to do.  This is sooo screwed up, you guys obviously can not or will not do anything to help the player community.

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Re: Will you ever do anything about Hackers?

EA Chillingo Team



Thank you kindly for getting in touch. 

I have one more question for you regarding your report of this player: did the match ever start when the loading screen you sent us appeared, or did it stay stuck on loading? 


It's a bug that has been fixed in previous versions (incorrect troop levels showing on comparison screen). As you can see, when you look at the player's profile, the troop levels are normal. This is thus no hacking, but a bug in the system that we've already fixed. 


Thank you and best regards, 



About Fun community manager

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Re: Will you ever do anything about Hackers?

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Laughable response, deny deny deny.  It works I guess.  But now I can say with confidence you guys are morons.

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