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Warfriends 2.2: INVASION

by EA_DaveRF10

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Warfriends 2.2: INVASION

EA Community Manager

Hey, WarFriends! Gather your friends and prepare for a fight in our latest release, filled with new features detailed below. Here's the news:


  • Invasion: Join forces with your squadmates and receive glorious rewards
  • Squad Improvements regarding multiple squad-related activities
  • Elite Spider Bot: Its Elite Perk will increase the movement speed of all friendly shooters on the battlefield
  • New themed events with a ton of fresh cosmetic item


Invasion: The skill, loyalty, and courage of your squad will be put to the test. Come together and join forces in battle against the Invader in order to prEove your squad’s power. Unite to fight together and receive glorious rewards.


Squad Improvements: Let’s keep the Squad game fair. We’ve been working to improve squad-related activities to prevent undesired practices such as squad-hopping, or kicking players right before the end of Squad Wars. Starting Friday November 16th, Squad Points gained by members will no longer be retained by the squad in case of said members leaving or getting kicked, and if player leaves squad during Squad War, their Squad Points amount goes back to zero. Additionally, Veterans no longer have the option of kicking players from squads.


Elite Spider Bot: Threatening enough as it is, Elite Spider Bot’s Elite Perk will increase the movement speed of all friendly shooters on the battlefield.


  • Description: Increase the movement speed of all friendly ground shooters

  • Affected units: Machinegunner, Sniper, Rogue, Predator, Minigunner, Crusher


Events: Get ready for awesome event assignments and challenges in themed events this season. Enjoy Thanksgiving with a bunch of new cosmetic items.




  • Minor performance improvements

  • Minor augmentation improvements

  • Fixed loading to battles related to installing two Legendary augmentations

  • Minor localisation improvements and fixes

  • Stream icon (Mobcrush, YT) is present on Android again

  • Fixed Commander invites on Android

  • Fixed displaying Arena heroes after launching the app

Thanks for your love, WarFriends!

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