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Re: Warfreind cheaters

by DeathStroke_3468

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Warfreind cheaters

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This is the hacker I encountered deploying so many troops I could not respond fast enough I know when I'm in game play the cheaters I encounter on the battlefield.There needs to be a update to fix this like it knows when you use a cheat code then it should kick you from the match and award the win to the honest players why haven't the developers thought of this please do this and that will solve the cheating thank you I am a die-hard fan of Warfreinds I spend money on this game its not fair for us players that spend money and our time to get disappointed because of cheaters please fix this

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Re: Warfreind cheaters

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This is me again if you look at the game play pic you will see I have no troops on the field my troops would not come up to deploy they did at first like normal but as the battle went on and this player started flooding the field with troops subgroup deploy stopped I say whateva hacker for sure.The deployment if anything should be  balanced the same thank you 

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Re: Warfreind cheaters

EA Chillingo Team



Thank you for the report. We've checked the player out, and couldn't find any suspicious activity in their data. We'll keep an eye on him, just to be sure though. 


Kind regards, 



About Fun community manager 

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Re: Warfreind cheaters

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Ok really appreciate you looking into it.I just don't understand why the enemy can deploy twice as many troops as me.My deploy bar just sets there I should have the same amount of deploy bar movement. Was just in a game and this player deployed 5 troops to my one my deploy bar just set there this needs to be fixed.With a new update I love this game but I'm not going to keep playing it if you don't fix this deploy bar I have spent money on this game please fix this I battle against my team mates and we never try ave any iusses the deploy bar works fine so this tills me that the enemy player is stopping the deploy bar this needs to be looked into thanks
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Re: Warfreind cheaters

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Ok so you guys really need to look into the deploy bar how do I even have a chance to win when my deploy bar just sets there and does nothing it does this like ever other battke.But the other player has no trouble deploying troops fast they will have 15 troops or more on the battlefield compaired to my 2 how can anyone win with those numbers stacked against you will not out anymore of my money into this game until you fix deploy bar with a update thank you
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