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Re: WarFriends v2.3 Update...Battle medals calculation

by Bara_AboutFun

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WarFriends v2.3 Update...Battle medals calculation

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At first I´ll say thank you, that you solved the troop-cheater issue and adjusted the matchmaking.


But therefore I´ve got new questions. I just had a match (champions league) against a bot who had only 80 power less than I do (with new calculation).
So that seems pretty equal, but I only got 10 medals for my win and would have lost 20 for a defeat. That´s a huge difference for a gap in power with only 80.


Thus the first question is how does the calculation for the medal ratio work?


Second, what is now the power range for the matchmaking? Thus far it was +/- 3000 power.


And last one is, do I understand the calculation correct and now it´ll be also possible for a player with only six units, e.g. four at lvl 100, two at lvl 5 can be matched to an opponent with also four at lvl 100 and four at about 80?


Thanks in advance

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Re: WarFriends v2.3 Update...Battle medals calculation

Community Manager (retired)

Hey there Mare, 


Thanks for reaching out. Let me have a look at your questions: 


1. Medals are calculated depending on the power difference, but also please keep in mind that Champion league is always -20 medals for a loss.
2. The range has been lowered, but you don't have to worry about meeting less players because also the overall power of everyone has been lowered. That is due to the overall change in the power calculation (only 4 units being counted). 
3. No, the player with only 6 units will have higher power because of the penalty of not having all units equipped. 


Hope this answers your questions! 


Kind regards, 



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Re: WarFriends v2.3 Update...Battle medals calculation

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Hello dear team,
I have since update to 2.3 a problem with medals awarding. I always get only +9 or -22 medals. Before the fight, for example, I get +15 if I win and -10 if I lose. After a game I win, however, I only get 9. After a game I lose, 22 are deducted from me.
I am looking forward to answering or solving problems.


Furthermore I noticed that enemy buddy maps are displayed with level 25 instead of level 50. Or enemy protected maps can be displayed with level 153.

I already uninstalled and reinstalled the game. But the problems are still there


thank you

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Re: WarFriends v2.3 Update...Battle medals calculation

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Sorry, I cant edit my post...... I mean enemy buddycard and enemy turret Standard smile
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Re: WarFriends v2.3 Update...Battle medals calculation

Community Manager (retired)



Thank you for reporting this issue. We're aware of it and we're working on it regarding the medal calculation display issues. 


As for your second issue, I'm not sure if I'm understanding you correctly. Could you please try to explain it to me again, so that I know what to report to the team? 


Thank you very much and kind regards, 



About Fun community manager 

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