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Re: Wa

by sharkay88

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★★★★ Novice

WarFriends, I am having a lot of issues with this game .

I keep getting booted out of game constantly I can not help my teammates nor collect anything or play pvp battles I have been going through this for over two months now . I have done all the steps the techs asked me to do at lest 20 times over.

Finally they noticed I have a bug with my game and forwarded my case to a expert so they say ,but yet nothing has been done .please can someone help me get back in the game .i spent a lot of real cash on this game . This problem has only happened since they bought in the augmentations.

I have been playing this game for approx 3 years and never had so much trouble with a game .if they stop bringing in more stupid crap to this game 

they would not have so many complaints and bugs. 

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Re: Wa

Community Manager (retired)

Hello there! 


I am very sorry to hear about your issues. May I please ask you to send me the following info: 

a) your player ID (the number in the bottom right corner of the Settings menu) 

b) your device and OS that you're playing on 


Thank you kindly! 




About Fun community manager 

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Re: Wa

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Player ID 1485497198-71782218 IPad mini IOS 12.1.1  

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Re: Wa

★★★★ Novice

Hi Bara ,

 sent you the info you requested can you please let me know what the next step is to fixing the bug with my game ,I will try and get done whatever you ask in a timely manner again thank you very much for looking into this issue for me 

       Best regards   Sharon

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Re: Wa

★★★★ Novice

Please I have sent you my player ID 1485497198-71782218 wondering how long it’s going to take to get this issue fixed with my game .I have been jumping through hoops with tech support for well over 2 months with this . I know you must be busy but every time I check in  you are never online  this is driving me crazy I put out a lot of real cash on 2 accounts here and deserve the time for someone to look into this issue so please help me out .This is not fair to your paying customers deserve to be treated a little better than this . You asked for my player I D since then you have not done anything . Very frustrating to say the least.

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Re: Wa

Community Manager (retired)

Hello Sharon, 


Apologies for the belated response. I'm passing your information on to our team and we'll be looking into what's causing your issues. 

I'll get in touch with you as soon as I know more. 

Thank you in advance for your patience. 


Kindl regards, 


About Fun community manager 

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Re: Wa

Community Manager (retired)

 Hi again Sharon. 


Unfortunately both devices you listed – the iPhone 6 and the iPad Mini 2 are in the 1gb ram category, which unfortunately causes some Out Of Memory Crashes. 

We are looking at more optimisation in the upcoming version. 


Thank you for your patience! 





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