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Re: Suggestions from Facebook community

by Bara_AboutFun

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Suggestions from Facebook community

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Here is a list of suggestions for improvements / fixes from the Warfriends Group Chat Facebook community.


Note I personally disagree strongly with point 8! 

1)Ability to see aug details pre match - It doesn’t help after the match when you’ve already played!

2) And stop new less than 8 unit players. Can't stop those there already

3) Non repetitive black market offers. Should be a change each time. Or at least random.

4) How about any explanation of what the AUGS do! Warfriends instruction manual?

5) Trade Augs

6) Shooting your own shields when you’re aiming at units, (especially with shotty and while running)

7)Deployed exos just rocking back and forth and not shooting a thing.

8) Rushers coming in from the sides undetected, so far off screen that you couldn’t shoot them even if detected. (If these rushers are flamers it usually means the end of the battle for you.

9) Repair bots hiding behind predator making them and predator next to impossible to destroy.

10)Sniper rifles that take like 25% health per shot! 3 shots and battle is over, totally unfair and demoralizing. (And these rifles are not even maxed yet)

11) Augs that give your enemy back all his health if you kill his units to fast lol like come on! Killing units fast is the name of the game! What’s the damn point if it just gives him all his health back!!?? Do I have a better chance of winning if I just stand there and kill nothing!!?? What a bloody joke, they should get rid of the extremely poorly explained augs altogether! Don’t know how to use them, don’t know when to use them, don’t know what augs your enemy has so you can prevent him from using them! They’re completely destroying the game! They have completely taken ALL of the skill out of the game! To win now you need little skill, and lots of augs.

12) 5 unit players got to go (very simple to do)

13) Fix Arena lag and connectivity, there are many who can’t even play.

14) Suggestion 1 loyalty point per 100 reputation point.

15) Suggestion pay say 50 gold and enter BM shop. Random 3 weapons. So if you have loads of gold and been waiting months you can speed the repetive offer up.

16) Use loyalty points ( or reputation points ) to buy dog tags for invasion.


Chris - CannonFodd3r

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Re: Suggestions from Facebook community

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There are many good suggestions I'd love to see considered for the next update.
Personally I think it would be a great thing to get the opportunity to change warbucks into gold. Know several heavy hitters with more than 100.000.000 wb and no options to spend the all the money. An exchange rate 10.000:1 would do the job.
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Re: Suggestions from Facebook community

Community Manager (retired)



Thank you for the suggestion list. There are definitely some good thoughts there, and I'm passing them on to the devs and designers for consideration. 

The feedback and improvement ideas from our community are very important to us. Unfortunately I can't give you any promises, but we're definitely hearing your thoughts! 


Thanks again and happy holidays! 



About Fun community manager 

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Re: Suggestions from Facebook community

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Yes, many people just win because they have that augmentation of increasing life or still life with gun when they lose 6 units. It's crazy. It's not about skills anymore.
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Re: Suggestions from Facebook community

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Yes that one is the worst.  Rewards player for being bad!   Others you need to do something to gain health.

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