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New feature - augmentations - help

by theslider911

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New feature - augmentations - help

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Good morning, 

I have a question about new feature "augmentation". What I understand : after several fights we got an Aug by switching a box. After that we add it in one of our 5 available place (defense usage ...) 

I notice when I am playing my Aug never flash or change colour. They always stay white. Why ? The augs from other fighter always change. They become blue or violet or have seconds on it. Not for me. Is there a tutoriel how to use it correctly ?? Cos I made a lot of fusion... Is that a prob ,?

Thx a lot

Best regards

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Re: New feature - augmentations - help

EA Chillingo Team

Hello theslider911,

Augmentations can have different colours. White augmentations are common (passive), rare are blue/green, epic are purple and legendary are orange - these have triggers and cooldowns.

Kind regards,
Jana, community manager

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Re: New feature - augmentations - help

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I'd like to know why some augmentations seem to to not work during matches with certain opponents.  I have a scorestreak augmentation that sometimes doesn't work at all, and I faced a guy today who had an "X" over one of his augmentations.  Why is this?  Thanks!

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Re: New feature - augmentations - help

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There is a bronce card that put an X on your character and stop your crates during a minute or so. I think that's the only thing can stop jackpot from working.
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