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Need help in retrieving my Warfriends account

by tatrueras

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Need help in retrieving my Warfriends account

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Hi there. I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I played this game a while back and just to mention, I really like this game so much. But then my phone got swiped off me (along with the sim card) and from then I couldn't retrieve my old Gmail account I used since it specifically sends a one-time password to the number for retrieval. So here I created a new Gmail account. I wouldn't want to start all over again and was wondering if you guys could transfer my old Warfriends account from the old email account to this one. The old Gmail account is [edit: email address removed] and my IGN is "Snipper". I have had it level up to around level 40 and so, say level 45. The main gun is a maxed out level 45 LMG but I already forgot the name of the gun. Then a maxed out level "black market" sniper rifle, the explosives I forgot but I do remember purchasing last the gold handgun "King" with a few enhancement levels. If you guys could help me out I will gladly purchase that package that comes with the Punisher Skull mask, which I really remember having a plan to do so (or any new package in your pay-to-play inventory). So that's about it and I'm hoping for your reply. Thanks and have a nice day.

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Re: Need help in retrieving my Warfriends account

Community Manager (retired)

Hello there! 


Thank you for reaching out. 

Unfortunately, I'm not able to assign your old account to a new gmail address, that's beyond my competence. What I can do for you though is to overwrite your newly created WarFriends account with the old one. For that, I need you to send me the player ID of your new account (it's the number in the bottom right corner of the Settings menu). 

I was able to track down your old account based on your info, so once I have the ID, it won't be a problem to get you your old account back. Standard smile 


Thank you & kind regards, 



About Fun community manager 

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