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Re: Hackers

by DeathStroke_3468

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Hacker meet him twice please banned him here is a screen shot you need a new update developers to weed out these hackers game is not staying fun anymore with the hackers I'm not going to spend anymore money on this game till its taking cars if thank you 

[Screen shot removed, name and shame is not allowed here - Admin.]

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Re: Hackers

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As you can see in the pic I have no troops on the field he has 15 at that time but after screen shot there was at least 25 on the field he had so please get these hackers out of here thank you 

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Re: Hackers

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He has six units for 10 energy on the field. You should shoot the engineers before they build turrets and be quicker in shooting crates, than that would have been your turret. Standard smile
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Re: Hackers

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The opponent of your screenshot does even have a worse kr than you do. In regard to your weapons it doesn't look like you already spent real money. At your lvl you should at least have a
Asimilator, headhunter and fury. With that you wouldn't have problems to kill the troops of your opponents.
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Re: Hackers

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Sorry I dissagree with you on that bottom line dude was a hacker it don't matter if I had the best weapons 30 troops he had in battlefield to my none.Sounds to me like hackers are protected in this game if they don't fix the problem I will by deleting the game thank you 

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Re: Hackers

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Yes but your n it looking at the real picture here.My deploy bar just stopped and I could not deploy troops it does not matter about the energy here who had what my deploy bar just set there did nothing are you protecting this hacker.I should have been able to counter him with my troops but when you can't deploy them how are you going to defend your self I had no chance even if I had max troops 

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Re: Hackers

Community Manager (retired)



If you feel like the player you've encountered is not playing fair, please get in touch at support @ or through our official Facebook or Twitter channel. We'll review the player and take the necessary measures. 


Thank you and kind regards, 



About Fun community manager 

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