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Explanation please.

by LazloVimes

Original Post

Explanation please.

★★★★ Novice

Hello. Could someone explain how this happens. Please do not say it is a display glitch again, it’s really annoying. Also, I am now close to 35000 gold, will I ever see a Black Market weapon offer?

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Re: Explanation please.

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I guess with these augs now people never die.  Matches can last forever 

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Re: Explanation please.

EA Chillingo Team
Hello @LazloVimes,

in order to help you, could you please tell us more details? What happened in the battle?

Jana, community manager
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Re: Explanation please.

★★★★ Novice

I am curious if you can see the pics I sent you? If not please let me know, I will resend if you need.


so, it seems pretty obvious to me and Shadycw. If you do see the pictures I sent you, you will see, in the match in the pictures, I hit my opponent 580 times, he hit me 58. Please do not expect me to believe it is just the effects of Augs and Crates, it is not. Please get Devs to do their jobs and police hackers better, it’s starting to get ridiculous.


now, to my other question, will I ever see a Black Market offer? I have been waiting well over a year. I first contacted you people about this a bit back. I told you I have never seen a BM offer of a weapon I use and I had 30k gold to spend, but because it had been so long I was going to wait for the next weapons update. After that I you guys bombarded me with BM weapons offers, confusing because I told you guys I was going to wait until the next weapons update. So, now that the new weapons are here am I going to have to wait another year before I get a BM weapon offer? I am now at 35000 gold and it would be nice to have something to do with the gold.

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Re: Explanation please.

EA Chillingo Team
Hello again @LazloVimes,

May I please ask you to send us your player ID? It's the number in the bottom right corner of the settings screen.
Then I will activate logs on your account. If you ever encounter this issue again, please send me the screenshot of the log number that appears on the error pop-up. If it doesn't, please go to Settings and click on "Send logs" in the upper left corner and send me the number that appears there.
It'll be a great help for us during the investigation! Standard smile

Have a nice day!
Jana, community manager

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Re: Explanation please.

★★★★ Novice

Hello Jana


i will just write. If anything does not make sense, or you may feel I am being unreasonable please let me know.


i am confused. I feel I do not understand the scope of what you are asking, but here is what I see.


You want me to post my player ID here, then you will use that to turn on 'logs' on my account.  Then, if I have a match when I have to hit an opponent 580 times, I am supposed to send you a screenshot of the 'log' number that will appear in an 'error pop-up'.  Then, if I don’t get an 'error pop-up' in a match when I have to hit my opponent a ridiculous amount of times, then I am supposed to go to settings and hit 'send logs' and also screenshot it and send that to you?  So, that’s the way my brain reads that, but what confuses me is what did you guys miss the first time?  You had to really ask what was weird about the match?  Anyway, whatever, moving on.


first, I am sorry, I would not feel comfortable posting my player ID here.  As I stated prior, it is of my opinion this game is overrun and rampant with hackers.  I do not know what they can do with my player ID and I do not trust your people to protect my account.  I am sorry and I do not mean to sound rude, but there has been very little if any communication with the player community about ongoing and persistent issues, ie the 'skip match hack', the 'hackers que' and the 'lag hack', so I can’t really expect you to be able to protect my account.


second, 'activate logs on my account' has two poor implications in my mind.  First, you want access to my device.  I am sorry, but I do not trust your people to have any access to my device.  Second, as stated prior, I do not trust you can protect my account and I do not know how 'activating logs' will open me to malicious activities.


Now, what is this 'error pop-up'?  I don’t get it.  You have something in the system now that will send 'error pop-ups' on matches that reach some hit ratio threshold, like when the match reaches 10 to 1 hit ratio it triggers an error pop-up?  I am sorry, this really confuses me.  And out of curiosity, I am supposed to be the judge of what is a skewed hit ratio is?  Do you guys have some guidelines or thresholds to a hit ratio that you people feel is extraordinary, because clearly the 580 to 58 didn’t stand out.  Again, I am sorry, but I do not understand this and it makes me less confident in your teams abilities.  It feels like you are just making up some fantasy system ability that does not exist.


now, if I may ask for a third time about Black Market offers; what is the probability or likelihood of me ever seeing a BM offer of a weapon I would like to purchase?


thank you for your time.

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Re: Explanation please.

EA Chillingo Team

Hello again,

I'm sorry you feel this way. You can of course send us your player ID at so nobody except our team can see it. 
No worries, we're not ignoring your black market issue but we need your player ID to investigate it as well Standard smile

Also, we noticed you had to hit your opponent 580 times we just needed more details about the match. With logs it's easier for us to see and understand where the problem is. 
We want you to click the send logs button in the settings if it happens again so we can look into the issue easier. It's a common process and a lot of players are sending us logs when they have troubles in the game. No worries, we have no access to your phone.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards

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Re: Explanation please.

★★★★ Novice

Well ok then. There are plenty examples of tech companies saying they do not have access to our private information, they say they are just gathering data, then it turns out they are using that access and information in a duplicitous manner. I am sorry, these are the times we live in. Trust is earned and EA has done little to earn the trust of the player community. This game has done little to earn the trust of the player community.


So, I do not trust your people, again I am sorry for that, it’s just the way things are I guess.


i will consider my chance to get a BM offer a non-zero chance. I will consider your ability to police the game of hackers as a non-zero chance. I consider this issue closed. Thank you for your time.

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