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by DeathStroke_3468

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Ok are you makers of this Warfreinds going to do something about these hackers why are you letting them cheat I have already lost 8 of my best members in my alliance because there tired of the hackers its not fair to us we want a great gaming experience and were not getting it because you the developers are not doing anything about it.You can't that you can't make something to were when someone is cheating and when the use there cheat code you can automatically award the other player the win there you go problem solved if you don't fix this your game will die out thank you a very concerned and honest fan of the game here have a great day 

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Re: Cheater/hackers

Community Manager (retired)

Hello there! 


Thank you for reaching out. 

Can you please tell me what exactly do you consider cheating in this case?

An excellent playing experience of each player is important to us, we will look into it. 


Kind regards, 



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Re: Cheater/hackers

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Please can you answer me as to why there are still players on WarFriends who still only have six and not eight selections in their army, I’ve come across several recently the image below being the most recent ( now taking screen shots to prove the bug is still there ).

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Re: Cheater/hackers

Community Manager (retired)



It is not a bug, and it's also not cheating. The players can in fact choose freely not to equip and upgrade their army consistently. 

However, they will be penalized for it, as it is not a playing tactic suitable for fair play, by being matched with powerful opponents who have their whole army fully upgraded. 


I hope this answers your question. 


Kind regards, 



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Re: Cheater/hackers

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No it doesn’t answer my question as when selecting your army it says ’ you must select two units from each category’ so how are they allowed to do this and just spam infantry units all the time???

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